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A new interview

I recently sat down with Greg Ehrbar from to talk about what I do.
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Angor-y Music

My favorite character to write for in Trollhunters is Angor Rot. He is all bad and angry all the time, so that is what I did with the music. Here is a little suite I put together of some of my favorite Angor Rot cues.
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Common and the NSO at the Kennedy Center and other news

Unfortunately I did not win the Annie award or the Grammy. But I am very proud to have conducted the orchestra for Justin Hurwitz Oscar winning score and song from La La Land. I am honored to be called by the National Symphony to supervise the arrangements for this one off event on March 22 at the Kennedy Center featuring Common!      
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Listen to some Trollhunters score!

Here is the opening cue from Trollhunters. This is a little suite from the pilot. Guillermo wanted an Amblin feel to it. I will google it one day and find out what that is! And here is something a little darker from a later episode. Lots of fun to write this type of music.
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Trollhunters is out! And Interviews with Tim about scoring it.

Over a year in the making, over 6 hours of music and we are finally live. You can watch Trollhunters on Netflix anywhere in the world now. Watch it here! It is such a thrill to hear my music coming out of the TV and watching kids and adults enjoy the show. (more…)
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The new CD from the Tim Davies Big Band
Now Available!

Grammy-nominated composer, arranger, drummer and band leader Tim Davies formed his first big band in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia. Its run was cut short by Tim's move to Los Angeles, but since 2000, Davies has released two recordings with his top­flight LA band of seasoned session and touring players.

For The Expensive Train Set, Davies comes full-circle as he resurrects the Melbourne group and features both bands on four tunes each, with one new composition written for the two bands performing together. Davies creates arrangements grounded in the traditional, while adding elements from many influences to create a sound that is wide-ranging and cinematic a sure consequence of his award winning career as a major orchestrator for film, TV and events.

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