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It is that time of the year! Grammy ballots are out and The Expensive Trainset is listed for various categories in the craft section. Please look out for these tracks, my name and Raya Yarbrough who co-arranged her song with me. Here are the tracks that you will find. Best Instrumental Composition The Expensive Trainset: An Epic Sarahnade for Double Big Band - Composed by Tim Davies Best Arrangement (Instrumental) Sing Sing Sing: The T-Mix - Arranged by Tim Davies Best Arrangement…
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Here are 4 tracks from my new album. More information here. Conceivilization Sarahbande Minor Incidents The Expensive Train Set for Double Big Band
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Trollhunters sets date

Netflix announced at Comicon NY that Trollhunters will drop on December 23! All 26 episodes of season one will drop at the same time. I have 4 more to go, better get back to it! Read about the announcement and panel with here.
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Tim Davies Big Band Album is OUT and New Website

3.5 years in the making and it is finally out for the world to hear. It is available from my label Origin Records, Amazon, Itunes and plenty of other places. I hope you enjoy it. I have also refreshed my website. It will work much better on mobile devices now. I have also updated the Gallery quite a bit, so have a poke around and let me know what you think! A special thanks to Matt Jorgensen from Origin for the awesome job.
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Empire is Back

We had our first session of the season for Empire last week. The season starts airing on September 21. I usually hate being in the booth, but I don't mind it for Fil Eisler, his accent is almost as cool as mine.
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The new CD from the Tim Davies Big Band
Now Available!

Grammy-nominated composer, arranger, drummer and band leader Tim Davies formed his first big band in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia. Its run was cut short by Tim's move to Los Angeles, but since 2000, Davies has released two recordings with his top­flight LA band of seasoned session and touring players.

For The Expensive Train Set, Davies comes full-circle as he resurrects the Melbourne group and features both bands on four tunes each, with one new composition written for the two bands performing together. Davies creates arrangements grounded in the traditional, while adding elements from many influences to create a sound that is wide-ranging and cinematic a sure consequence of his award winning career as a major orchestrator for film, TV and events.

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