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DeBreved Orchestration InSensitive

I am pleased to announce that on October 25th, 2018, the inaugural DeBreved Orchestration InSensitive workshop/master class/clinic/seminar/corroboree will take place! Four people will be selected to spend a day with Tim, talking about orchestration, technology, and workflows with a focus on what it is like to orchestrate studio film scores in 2018. The Insensitive (workshop/master class/clinic/seminar/corroboree) attendees will be expected to already possess a working knowledge of the orchestra, and to have skills on notation programs and DAWs. Professional experience in the film world is not…
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Spider-Man is here

I have spent over a year working on the new Insomniac Spider-Man game for composer John Paesano. The music was produced by my friends at Sony Interactive. My first real orchestrating job was for Sony's SOCOM 3 with composer Jim Dooley many years ago and I can trace nearly every job I have done since to that opportunity.
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Ant-man and the Wasp

Ant-man and the Wasp is out! Another unique action score from Christophe Beck for which I served as lead orchestrator and conductor. We recorded the score over a 6 week period at Abbey Road Studio One. While it has become the norm to throw everything at action scores, multiple passes with the orchestra, huge percussion and relentless riffs, Chris' score builds on the unique palette he set up for the first Ant-man movie, with even more pizzicato! While we did record some of the brass and…
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$9,000,000 of Old Wood

I was being a smart arse and made a comment to a violinist carrying around her violin, "Lucky that is not a Strad." She quickly answered "It is!" She allowed me to hold it, and as I was sitting there the violinist sitting behind piped up and asked if I would like to hold two Strads! The irony here is that this is not there first time I made such a comment, and not the first time they responded that it was a Strad. A…
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Hotel Transylvania 3

I spent a lot of time at Abbey Road this year, conducting both Hotel Transylvania 3 and Ant-man and the Wasp there. HT3 was my 2nd score with Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo fame. The first being last year's Lego Ninjago. We spent a week recording an 80 piece orchestra and a night with a 32 voice choir! The film comes out July 13. The coffee before the storm   Music editor Dominic Certo, Composer Mark…
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The new CD from the Tim Davies Big Band
Now Available!

Grammy-nominated composer, arranger, drummer and band leader Tim Davies formed his first big band in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia. Its run was cut short by Tim's move to Los Angeles, but since 2000, Davies has released two recordings with his top­flight LA band of seasoned session and touring players.

For The Expensive Train Set, Davies comes full-circle as he resurrects the Melbourne group and features both bands on four tunes each, with one new composition written for the two bands performing together. Davies creates arrangements grounded in the traditional, while adding elements from many influences to create a sound that is wide-ranging and cinematic a sure consequence of his award winning career as a major orchestrator for film, TV and events.

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