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I am really an arranger that fell into orchestrating. There is something really satisfying about taking a tune and turning it into something new. I have done many arrangements for film and television. My work has been performed by big bands and orchestras all over the world including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the National Symphony, the Melbourne Symphony, The London Symphony and the Metrolpole Orchestra in the Netherlands.  Check out some of my pop arrangements here.

Chuck Swings is from the TV show Pushing Daisies. I had to write a few source cues that would be played off an old record player. This one is an arrangement of a theme by series composer Jim Dooley. I recorded this with a few of the guys from the TDBB.

Morning Has Broken was also for Pushing Daisies. It was a little tricky as Ellen Greene recorded the vocal first with no click.

Distracted is from the album Jim Bianco recorded with the TDBB.

Suspicious Minds is from an album of instrumental James Bond Themes. The intro started off as my take on how Prokofiev may have done it. The first draft was really out there, but then I had to tone it down to keep the producer happy!

Fauré Elegy is from my album Dialmentia. I start with the original, then I do my best Gil Evans/Oliver Nelson impression. Well, at least I try.

Caravandalized is my take on the standard, how Ellington may have done it had he heard of Hip Hop.