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One thing I love about my job is I get to work in so many genres. One day I could be working on a big band chart and the next conducting a large orchestra at one of LA’s famous scoring stages or studios.

Here are some examples of my orchestrations for Films and Video Games.

PJATO End Titles suite was a rare opportunity, Chris Beck asked me to take his themes and do my own versions for the credits of the film. I conducted a 94 piece orchestra and 45 voice choir at the Newman Stage on the Fox lot. As there was no picture to hit I was able to do this with no clicks, something rare in scoring these days.

Theme From Lost Planet 2 by Jamie Christopherson. This was another huge orchestra at Fox.

Run for Michael from Underworld: Awakening by Paul Haslinger. I have worked with Paul for several years now. Paul sought me out after hearing some of my work on When a Stranger Calls for Jim Dooley.

Macy’s Day is from another Chris Beck score, Tower Heist.

Pushing and Shoving– Infamous 2 is a Sony game that I orchestrated, arranged and conducted. Check out this behind the scenes video. The score was a big collaborative effort with Jonathan Mayer, Jim Dooley, Brian ”Brain” Mantia and the band Galactic all writing music. My job was to be in the middle and bring it all together. This is a cue by Jonathan Mayer.

Thomas is Gone is another Paul Haslinger cue, he asked me to ‘bend it’ a little.

Jack Reacher Suite– I was lead orchestrator on this score for Joe Kraemer. We had a 91 piece orchestra at Sony and used extra low strings and brass.

Meet Talia is from the Batman Arkham City game by composer Ron Fish. We spent a week recording Nick Arundel and Ron’s score at AIR in London.

Here are is some behind the scenes videos from a couple of projects

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