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One would think that if you want to make a small string section sound bigger, you could just record it twice and the sound will double. Unfortunately, this does not work too well. There will be a tinny or fuzzy sheen to the sound. Listen to the strings on Coldplay and Christina Aguilera songs and you will hear what I mean. Even though there are two separate takes, players have a unique talent for being able to play the same phrase pretty much the same…
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Conducting Part 3

That was great, now lets make it better There is nothing like working with the greatest sight-readers on the planet. But even if they get every note right on the first run, the magic is not going to be there yet. My theory is that it takes at least three runs before the real magic happens, when the orchestra gets the correct tuning, timing and balance. For my example let's assume this is an easy-to-medium difficulty cue. Harder cues would take more time, but this…
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