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Maya and the Three Score Videos

I've put together a few more videos of cues from Maya and the Three to give you the chance to see how it's all put together (and of course showcase our musicians!). The Divine Gate The Greatest Wizard The Moon and the Sun As before, thanks to everyone involved in making these!Composed and Conducted by Tim DaviesThemes by Gustavo Santaolalla Guitars - Nomad Woodwinds - Ashley Jarmack Vocals - Suzanne Waters Violin - Maxwell Karmazyn Orchestrated by Jeremy Levy and Lorenzo CarranoMusic…
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Maya Wins at the Annies!

The 49th annual Annie Awards were announced on Saturday, and not only did Maya and the Three win as the overall best show in its category, but the score also won the award for Best Music - TV/Media! A big thank you to all the people who made this possible, from Gustavo Santaolalla for some excellent themes, to Jorge R Gutierrez for having me on board, to all the amazing musicians in Mexico, LA, and Australia that brought the score to life. A shout out…
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Halo: Infinite

Halo: Infinite is available at long last! The score was composed by Curtis Schweitzer, Gareth Coker, and Joel Corelitz. I was brought in by my friend Joel Yarger to conduct and to lead the orchestration and music prep team. Joel and I worked on many projects together in hIs time at Sony and it was a blast to be a part of his first 'little' project at Microsoft. Also contributing orchestrations were Jeremy Levy, Ryan Humphrey, and Lorenzo Carrano. Music preparation by Mark Cally. Give…
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Maya and the Three Press

Since Maya and the Three came out on Netflix, I've had the chance to chat with a few different outlets about the work I did on the score. Check them out below! AusFilm:Composer Tim Davies Scores Netflix's New Animated Series Maya and the Three at Trackdown Composer Tim Davies Discusses Maya and the Three What's On Netflix:Composer Tim Davies Discusses the Score for Netflix’s ‘Maya and the Three’ FanSided:Interview with ‘Maya and the Three’ composer Tim Davies Go See Talk: Interview…Composer/Orchestrator Tim Davies on…
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Maya and the Three Soundtrack

Maya and the Three is on Netflix now! The soundtrack is also available. Here's a preview track to give you a taste. Click here to listen to the full soundtrack! Full details about the soundtrack release can be found at the Film Score Reporter.
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The new CD from the Tim Davies Big Band
Now Available!

Grammy-nominated composer, arranger, drummer and band leader Tim Davies formed his first big band in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia. Its run was cut short by Tim's move to Los Angeles, but since 2000, Davies has released two recordings with his top­flight LA band of seasoned session and touring players.

For The Expensive Train Set, Davies comes full-circle as he resurrects the Melbourne group and features both bands on four tunes each, with one new composition written for the two bands performing together. Davies creates arrangements grounded in the traditional, while adding elements from many influences to create a sound that is wide-ranging and cinematic a sure consequence of his award winning career as a major orchestrator for film, TV and events.

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