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Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions Tour, Ant-Man and Batman!

tim and jeremy music pileAfter many years conducting in the recording studio I am finally being let loose on the concert stage. I will be filling in for my friend Susie Seiter, conducting some dates for the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions Tour. I will be in Baltimore on July 1 and San Diego for Comicon on July 9. I am currently madly learning the scores, Susie told me in very strong words I was not allowed to just go in and sight read the show.

I have recently finished work on Chris Beck’s score for the Marvel film Ant-Man. Next up up is a live Disney show for Jim Dooley. Jim and I started together many years ago so it is great to be back working with him. I also start work on Peanuts with Chris Beck. And as soon as that is done I move onto composing the score for my own show for Guillermo Del Toro and Dreamworks.

Batman: Arkham Knight is out. I was lead orchestrator and conducted 3 hours of music for composers David Buckley and Nick Arundel. I also contributed some symphonic sound design. Here is Jeremy Levy and I sitting on the pile of music.


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