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Annie Award Nomination


My score for Trollhunters has been nominated for an Annie Award! You will also notice I am credited alongside Alexandre Desplat. When I had my first meeting with Guillermo del Toro and the producers, I thought I only swore on the inside when he told me that someone else had written the main title and main character’s theme. Turns out I swore on the outside, but then when I realized it was Desplat, I thought it was not such a bad thing. GDT also assured me there would be plenty more themes for me to write, and he was correct. Each episode introduces new characters and places that need new ones. I ended up writing amost 6 hours of music. The themes from Alexandre are awesome, and as an arranger at heart, working with other material is easy and truthfully if you asked me (and I have been and this was the actual answer) who I would really like to work with (not counting people I already have) Desplat was at the top of the list. I was more thinking as an orchestrator though, not co-composer for a TV show, but I will take it!
Trollhunters comes on on Netflix on December 23rd and the award ceremony takes places on Feburary 4th in Los Angeles.

Outstanding Achievement, Music in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production

  • Bob’s Burgers – Episode: Glued, Where’s My Bob? – Bento Box Entertainment – Composer: Loren Bouchard, Composer: John Dylan Keith
  • Disney Mickey Mouse – Episode: Dancevidaniya – Disney Television Animation – Composer: Christopher Willis
  • DreamWorks Trollhunters – Episode: Becoming, Part 1 – DreamWorks Animation Television – Composer: Alexandre Desplat, Composer: Tim Davies
  • Pearl – Google Spotlight Stories/Evil Eye Pictures – Composer: Scot Stafford, Composer/Lyricist: Alexis Harte, Composer/Lyricist: JJ Wiesler
  • Star Wars Rebels – Episode: #2-24: “Twilight of the Apprentice” – Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney XD – Composer: Kevin Kiner

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