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Trollhunters is out! And Interviews with Tim about scoring it.


Over a year in the making, over 6 hours of music and we are finally live. You can watch Trollhunters on Netflix anywhere in the world now. Watch it here! It is such a thrill to hear my music coming out of the TV and watching kids and adults enjoy the show.

Here is an interview I did with Australian site The Iris about my work and transitioning from an orchestrator.

Conductor and Lead Orchestrator Tim Davies may just be one of the busiest Aussies working in Hollywood – from conducting one of this year’s most acclaimed films, La La Land, to TV series like Empire and Revenge and video games like The Last of Us his IMDB list is one of the most impressive you’re likely to find. But now he’s moving into the Composer’s chair, for Guillermo del Toro’s new Netflix series Trollhunters, which premieres on Netflix today.


And another one at Den of Geek!

Before getting the gig to write the score for Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters on Netflix, Tim Davies was no stranger to Hollywood film scores. He’d orchestrated and conducted the music for well-known films like Ant-Man, Edge of Tomorrow, and La La Land as well as animated features like Frozen, Minions, and The Peanuts Movie. But Trollhuntersmarks Davies’ composing debut, and since it’s a series rather than a movie, there’s plenty of score to write.


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