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Maya and the Three

Maya and the Three (2021) - First Look - YouTube

It’s almost here!

I spent a good chunk of the past year writing the music for Jorge Gutierrez‘s new Netflix limited series, Maya and the Three. Jorge and I first worked together almost seven years ago, when I was brought in to adapt and arrange Gustavo Santaolalla‘s music for the score to The Book of Life. The three warriors of prophecy were reunited for this show, as Gustavo wrote a suite of beautiful music inspired by Jorge’s world, which I then used as a starting place to score the nine-episode series.

I had the pleasure of being able to fly back to Australia to record my score at Trackdown Studios in Sydney. We recorded soloists here in LA and a choir in Mexico to give the music a distinctive character that matches Jorge’s fantastic visuals.

The show drops on Netflix October 22. More info then!

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