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Breve n. \ˈbrēv\ In British English, the note with a rhythmic value equal to two whole notes.

We have all read, been told, and done so many different things relating to the art and practice of orchestration. However, I feel there is a disconnect between what the text books tell us, what many orchestrator’s perceptions are, and what the orchestra actually does. I am going to put it all together and debreve you on what is really going on.

DeBreved is a practical summary and addendum to the many existing orchestration resources. Think of it as “The Missing Chapters” of your orchestration textbooks. I am going to clarify some existing concepts and conventions, and challenge some others.

Be sure to read the Introduction, The Orchestral Default, Over-Notation Nation and A Neglected Relationship before anything else. This will explain exactly where I am coming from so everything else will make sense. It’s worth noting that I use the term orchestrator to refer to anyone who is orchestrating, whether it is a composer working on his or her own score or, in the case of Hollywood, a dedicated orchestrator working under another composer.

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