Connect with Tim


Do you teach?

I do not do any regular teaching. It is impossible to commit to with my work schedule. When I travel I enjoy giving lectures and doing workshops with big bands. I am available for private lessons at my studio in LA or via Skype. Contact me here.

What gear do you use?

I will be doing a post about my setup, but until then-

I have always used Finale for my scores. I spent some time (3 minutes I think it was) with the demo for the other program, but I’ve found Finale is the best match for my workflow. I use Digital Performer for cleaning up midi files and referencing mockups from the composer. For my own programming I use Cubase. For takedowns I use Transcribe. I have a gazillion Keyboard Maestro macros and a custom Touch OSC layout for my iPad that triggers many of them. My main computer is a maxed out Imac Retina 27 with 2 extra monitors. I have a Macbook Pro to take to sessions. The bit of gear I cannot live without is my Simonelli Nuova Oscar espresso machine.

Can I have a score from [movie]?

They are not really mine to give out. However, I will be posting a few as part of the blog soon.

How do I become an orchestrator or conductor for film and TV?

You need to be in the right place at the right time, and be ready. You must be confident in your musical and technological skills. In most cases it is composers that hire orchestrators and conductors. These days I also get gigs through studios, game developers or contractors, but it all started through relationships with composers. Some people start by working for other orchestrators. Others start out working in music preparation. I did a little stint at Joann Kane and learnt a lot.

I am an orchestrator/want to be an orchestrator. Can you give me a gig?

I have a good team already. That said, if you are really good, maybe. The best way to meet me is to show up at one one my big band gigs and share a beer. If you send me an email, please make sure you have read my bio and at least some of my blog. Being able to say nice things about my big band also goes a long way. Don’t email me AND my clients; we are all friends and we talk. Choose your path wisely!

I am a film composer, but things are slow. I think I will become an orchestrator to make some money until things pick up. Can I have some cues?

But your bio says you’re ‘award-winning’ and ‘in-demand.’ Sounds like you’re actually pretty busy. In fact, I should probably be asking you for work.

Can I come to a session?

Sessions are generally closed to outsiders. If you were taking lessons with me, I could bring you in as my baton carrier one day.

What was it like working with Amy Winehouse?

I saw no drinking or drug use. She had passed away six months before I did the charts.

When is your band playing again?

See here

Do you really hate the viola?


Are you related to Ray Davies?


Can I buy you a beer?

Of course.