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Finale Tips

I will be moving all of my finale tips to this page. Please note all examples are done using Finale 2011. For examples of how to do some of these things in the 'other' program, Philip Rothman of NYC Music Services has kindly translated them. Here they are. Scores Large Time Signatures 1. Document Options> Fonts>Notation: Time (Score) = EngraverTime 40 Plain 2. Document Options> Time Signatures. Set top symbol to 0, Bottom to -290 (EVPUs) 3. Plugins>Scoring and Arranging>Global Staff Attributes. Turn off Time…
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Extreme Australian Orchestration

Many people have asked me about how I've set up my system and what my orchestration process is, so I decided to add a complete walkthrough to the blog. In this screencast, I have recorded myself doing an entire cue from opening the midi file to preparing the final studio-ready score. You can see how I've set up my own system to let me get through the process as efficiently as possible. I should point out that the focus here is on the technical side…
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How to Score

Scores should look good and be easy to read. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been sent scores by students or hopeful orchestrators using terrible layouts. The notation program's default layout settings are no excuse. Session scores are different to concert scores for several reasons. While concert scores have been typeset for centuries, session scores were done by hand until about fifteen years ago and a lot of the 'look' is still based on how things were done in that style.…
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A Trilling Experience

Trills and fingered/keyed tremolos are the same thing, an oscillation between two notes. If the interval is a half or whole step it is called a trill, and if the interval is larger it is called a tremolo. It is common for players to think of them all as trills, the tremolo description appears to be an academic one based upon the notation. Trill notation is easy in tonal music with key signatures. The default is to trill to the next note in the key.…
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