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I would like to show you how I can take a tune or song and turn it into underscore. I wrote this cue for  The Book of Life. I based it off the first line of the bridge of the song “I love you too much” by Gustavo Santaolalla and Paul Williams.

Here is the line from the bridge

GS I love you too much- Bridge

Here is the cue I wrote

BOL Saying Goodbye to Maria


I am currently scoring Maya and the Three, a limited series for Netflix, where again I was given songs and themes by Gustavo Santaolalla. Here are some snippets of the themes, as performed by GS.




I came up with many different variations over the 9 episodes, here is how I used all of the themes in the final cue of the show.

Maya Ouroboros, final cue and wrap up of the series.
The cue opens with an uplifting song like Guatavo’s version of the Maya theme. I also weave in a traditional Mayan song called Bolom Chon. Maya’s creator and director, Jorge Gutierrez, puts this theme in everything he does. This then transitions into an emotional version of Rico’s theme (2:30). It has the same melody as the GS version, but very different in emotion. The scene is a wrap-up for each character’s storylines. After that, we get to Ah Puch (4:40), whose character is the architect of everything. I use her theme to build into Maya’s epic statement theme as she realizes her destiny (5:30).


Here is a more dramatic cue where I take things a little further.


Here is a playlist featuring some other playful cues, mostly from my score to Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

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