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Despite starting life primarily as a composer for my big band, in recent years I’ve been asked to write more and more for film and TV projects as well. The playlist below features selections from a number of different projects I’ve been involved with, often with Guillermo del Toro and Jorge Gutierrez. The projects represented here include Maya and the Three, Trollhunters, The Shape of Water, Crimson Peak, and The Book of Life, and some from projects where I helped out composers when they needed some jazz source music.

Maya Begins, The Greatest Wizard, and The Moon and the Sun are all from Maya and the Three. You can listen to more of the soundtrack here.

Going to See La Muerte, Candlemaker Sees All, and Manolo Faces All Bulls are from my previous Jorge Gutierrez project, The Book of Life. Gustavo Santaolalla wrote the original songs for this movie, and these cues use elements of that music for their melodies.

Rot Sets In, Two on One, and Blinky’s Present were written for Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia.

Graveyard Investigation, The Missing Key, Show Me Where, and Elevator Chase were written for Crimson Peak. Some of these use themes originally composed by Fernando Velazquez.

Pandora’s Box and Mercer-naries are from an unaired pilot about a brain trust brought together to thwart terrorist attacks.

Eliza Pleads and Eliza Goes After the Creature were written for Guillermo del Toro to use as some emergency temp score when he was working on The Shape of Water.

Aren’t We Nice is a track I wrote as source music for Pushing Daisies.

Enchanted Days is a song I wrote with Brian Tyler for a film called The Final Cut. I took a line from a cue as the basis of the song and Brian wrote the lyrics.

Crying Because was written for Jim Bianco. He also wrote the lyrics.

Maya Begins
The Greatest Wizard
The Moon And The Sun
Going to See La Muerte
Candlemaker See All
Manolo Faces All Bulls
Rot Sets In
Two On One
Blinky's Present
Graveyard Investigation
Show Me Where
The Missing Key
Elevator Chase
Pandora's Box
Eliza Pleads
Eliza Goes After the Creature
Aren't We Nice
Enchanted Days
Crying Because

Here’s a more detailed look at the track “The Moon and the Sun” from Maya and the Three.