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Maya and the Three Themes

This page is a comparison of the original themes composed by Gustavo Santaolalla for Maya and the Three, and the way they ended up in my score for the show. I was given these themes at the start of scoring. I had one Zoom meeting with Gustavo and the director Jorge Gutierrez, then I took over for all of the scoring. You can watch the show on Netflix.

Maya Theme

GSMaya Theme
TDMaya Begins
TDThe Moon and the Sun

Rico's Theme

GSLuna y Selva
TDRico the Rooster

Chimi's Theme

TDChimi the Skull Archer

Picchu's Theme

TDPicchu the Puma Warrior

Teca Family Theme

TDThe Tecas Ride

Teca Family at 1:00, 2:22.

Family Theme


Journey Theme

TDRooster Skull Puma - Journey and Family
GSRonroco Bridge

Ronroco bridge from 1:13.

Zatz's Theme


Zatz from 0:40. Sad Journey 1:30

Au Puch's Theme

TDAu Puch the Mysterious Goddess

Mothers' Theme

GSDe a Dos
TDOuroboros, the Final FIght

Maya, Rico, Mother 1:30, Journey, Mictlan

Bolom Chon

(This is an old traditional tune, so not composed by Gustavo, but it's a Jorge favorite so definitely needed to be considered one of the show's themes!)

Trad.Bolom Chon

Mothers at 0:24. Bolom Chon at 2:48

The Final Cue

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