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Lots of music … still working on the new record

It is almost the end of the year and I still have not finished the record, that is pretty bad. I have a good reason though, people keep paying me lots of money to do other things! As usual it has been an eclectic mix of projects.

Pushing Daisies is in it’s 2nd season. As well as orchestrating and conducting you can sometimes hear some jazz on the show and I either wrote it or arranged it. I also had some fun doing some barbershop music for a recent ep.

I recently did another bunch of charts for producer Salaam Remi, that is always fun, he sends me a bed and I go to town with an orchestra over the top of it.

I did a package of Symphonic Sound Design for the Sony game InFamous and conducted some strings for David Archuleta’s new record.

My tracks for Extreme Music and X-Ray Dog are out and last week I orchestrated and conducted the score to the new Monsters Versus Aliens game.

But coolest of all was that I got a call to help out with the orchestrations for David Hirschfelder’s score for Baz Luhrman’s new film Australia, being from Australia, I just had to work on it!

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