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Dialmentia is out!

I am pleased to announce that I have just been commissioned by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to write a big band work. The piece will be premiered next year at the ISCM World Music days which are being held in Australia for the first time. I used to submit pieces every year and never once would they play one and now they are going to pay me to write a new piece, I guess some things just take time.

I recently completed work on the game Lost Planet 2 for Jamie Christopherson. We had a 95 piece orchestra at Fox and made some serious noise. Next up is God of War 3. For those who do not know of it, google it, it is a huge Sony game and the score for GOW2, which I also orchestrated and conducted, won lots of awards. I also noticed that Prototype, Infamous and the Sims 3 are call now out. I orchestrated and conducted Prototype, did SSD for Infamous and conducted The Sims 3. I have a few more library tracks that have just come out with X-ray Dog. You can hear some of them on the music page.

DIALMENTIA is out! Get it at Origin Records or on itunes

The new is up and ready to go! It is now the place to go for band info. There are tracks from all our recordings and scores to check out. Many thanks go to Paulina [] and Ted for putting the site together for me, also thanks to Paulina for the great photos.

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