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God of War 3 at Skywalker Ranch

I have recently finished the first round of sessions for God of War 3 at Skywalker Ranch. It was a hectic week, having been in London for a wedding, I arrived in San Francisco Sunday night and then conducted a triple session on Monday. That did nothing for the cold that was coming on. I ended up having to get a lift back to LA as my head was too stuffed up to fly.

I think I can now say what one of the movies I am working on with Salaam Remi is. It does not seem to be a big secret, I read about the ‘secret’ artist we are working with in an Australian newspaper! It is Sex and the City 2. Will wait a little longer to say what charts I did as the titles have not been leaked yet.

I also had some cool conducting gigs recently: Sims 3 (Expansion Pack) for Steve Jablosnky, Couples Retreat for AR Rahman and Dear John for Deborah Lurie. Sony brought me in to help composer Normand Corbeil with some last minute orchestrations on a new game called Heavy Rain. Next up I have a few movies to conduct for Chris Beck and some more God of War sessions.

Big Band show!

Monday November 23, 8pm @ Typhoon, FREE entry, FREE parking.
Typhoon 3221 Donald Douglas Loop South (Santa Monica Airport)
310 390 6565
Our guest for the night will be Jim Bianco

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