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Big Band Olympics

I have just found out that the big band will be playing at the Los Angeles Jazz Institute Big Band Olympics at the LAX Marriott on May 26th at 2.30pm. The line up is looking really good and it is an honor to be playing with all the other great bands. Work wise the year has been very busy so far. I just finished conducting the score for the next Batman game for composers Ron Fish and Nick Arundel. I also orchestrated nearly 2 hours of music for it. I managed to jam it in around the Event and No ordinary Family. Next up is work on Resistance 3 for Boris Salchow.

Big Band show!

Monday November 29, 8pm @ Typhoon, FREE entry, FREE parking.
Special guest, singer and songwriter Raya Yarbrough.
Typhoon 3221 Donald Douglas Loop South (Santa Monica Airport)
310 390 6565

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