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Australia Trip 2012

Heading to Brisbane and Melbourne in May.

In Brisbane I will be doing some lectures at the Queensland Con. In Melbourne I will be giving some lectures at VCA and Melbourne Uni and taking some big bands. The trip ends with a performance at the Stonnington Jazz Festival on May 23rd. I have just finished a new piece and hope to have another done as well before the gig.

It has been way too long since I had time to write for myself, the silly phone keeps ringing with other people asking me to write for them…….. I have been busy again working on games and films. A bunch of projects I worked on did well in the awards season. Batman:Arkham City and Infamous 2 both were nominated for G.A.N.G awards and Bret Mckenzie’s “Man or a Muppet”, which I conducted, one the Oscar for best song.

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