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Trip to Australia and back to LA

My May trip to Australia was a lot of fun. Playing with my old band is something I look forward to every year. While back home I also gave lectures at my old colleges- Queensland Conservatorium and Melbourne University, visited a few schools and gave some workshops.

Before I went I had the pleasure of conducting a track that Heitor Pereira produced for Melody Gardot. I had not heard of her before but she is a great singer with a very inspiring story, google it…..

As soon as I returned from Australia I had to hit the ground running. First up was some orchestrating and conducting for Chris Beck on The Watch, then I conducted Chris’s score for the The Guilt Trip.

I have done a few projects over the years for Producer Salaam Remi, arranging strings for albums for people like Cee Lo Green, Amy Winehouse and most recently Akon, but just for a change we did a film score. I arranged all Salaam’s music for Sparkle, the movie that Whitney Houston had just finished shooting before she died.

I also did string arrangements for a couple of songs that Jordin Sparks sings that R Kelly produced. After that I was lead orchestrator for Joe Kraemer’s score for Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise. I am currently finishing up a Symphonic Sound Design project for new game that should be huge, details once it is completed.

Probably forgot a few things, it has all been a blur….

Found some photos from a TV show a worked on a for Blake Neely, photos in the Gallery

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