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Australia Trip
I will be leading the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra for several concerts in August. Dates here.
On Monday August 26 I will be sitting in with the Daryl Mckenzie Jazz Orchestra at the Apartment in Melbourne.

Recent Projects
Hangover III (Cond), The Internship (Cond), White House Down (Cond), R.I.P.D. (orch, cond), Smurfs 2 (lead orch), Kick Ass 2 (orch) and The Last of Us (SSD). Plus a lot of string charts for various artists with producer Salaam Remi.

Latest blog posts

Jazz Harmony and Voicing
I am currently working on a project in conjunction with Cinesamples. I will be showing how jazz harmony and voicing work. We are recording examples with the sax and rhythm sections from my big band. I will put it together in a blog post and also hope to do a video or two explaining it all.

Jazz Education Network Conference
In January 2014 I will be presenting a lecture at the Jazz Education Network conference in Dallas, Texas. The topic will be “The Jazz Default”. I will apply my default concepts to Jazz performance and notation. My lecture is sponsored by MakeMusic Inc and I will be their guest at the Finale Booth on the Friday and Saturday.

Album Update
I had a cool idea for my next album, record half of it with my band in Melbourne and half in Los Angeles. The grand finale, will be a new work for double big band! Easier said than done. I went home in January and recorded 4 charts and their part of the double band piece. A highlight of the trip was when we had the “US Stunt Double Big Band” come in for the last hour of a rehearsal so I could hear how the whole double band piece sounded, it was huge! Mixing is underway of the completed four tracks and it sounds awesome. The hold up now is finding dates that every member of the LA band, myself and our engineer can get together. We had them booked in May, then I got the call to work on Smurfs so had to cancel them. I hope to record in September or October now.

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