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$9,000,000 of Old Wood

I was being a smart arse and made a comment to a violinist carrying around her violin, “Lucky that is not a Strad.” She quickly answered “It is!” She allowed me to hold it, and as I was sitting there the violinist sitting behind piped up and asked if I would like to hold two Strads! The irony here is that this is not there first time I made such a comment, and not the first time they responded that it was a Strad. A few years back I was boarding a plane to Australia and saw someone putting a violin in the overhead bin, so of course I made some silly comment and got the response that it was in fact a Strad. He was on his way to play with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. A bit of googling and I worked out it was Anthony Marwood.

This time it was Clio Gould and Philippe Honoré.

For those who don’t know, a Stradivarius is a very rare and expensive violin!

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