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Heading to Taiwan Again!

This time I am conducting Disney’s The Little Mermaid! I have been madly learning the score and I think I am ready now. Joining me on this trip will be my friends Suzanne Waters, Sara Mann and Tonoccus McClain. Concerts are July 6 and 7 at the National Concert Hall in Taipei.

指揮 | 提姆‧戴維斯 Tim Davies
樂團 | 長榮交響樂團 Evergreen Symphony Orchestra
合唱團 | 國立實驗合唱團 Taiwan National Choir
歌手 | 
愛麗兒:蘇珊‧華特斯 Ariel:Suzanne Waters
烏蘇拉:莎拉‧曼恩 Ursula:Sara Mann
塞巴斯丁:特諾克斯‧麥克萊恩 Sebastien: Tonoccus McClain

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