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Maya Wins at the Annies!

The 49th annual Annie Awards were announced on Saturday, and not only did Maya and the Three win as the overall best show in its category, but the score also won the award for Best Music – TV/Media!

A big thank you to all the people who made this possible, from Gustavo Santaolalla for some excellent themes, to Jorge R Gutierrez for having me on board, to all the amazing musicians in Mexico, LA, and Australia that brought the score to life. A shout out also to the excellent soloists featured on the score: Suzanne Waters, Ashley Jarmack, Maxwell Karmazyn, and Nomad. And finally thanks to the folks making things work behind the scenes: Ryan Humphrey, Jeremy Levy, Lorenzo Carrano, Sarah Lynch, and the whole crew of Trackdown Studios in Sydney.

You can check out a video with score of the final cue from Maya and the Three here.

As an additional perk, another project I worked on last year – Mitchells vs the Machines – won the Annie Award for Best Feature. The score was composed by Mark Mothersbaugh and I was lead orchestrator!

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