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A bunch of projects that I worked on last year have been coming out in recent months. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates about all the projects I’m on!

Shazam! Fury of the Gods was released on March 17. I conducted and was lead orchestrator for Chris Beck’s epic score. It was a lot of music in a short amount of time but I am lucky to have some friends who also orchestrate to help out. Thanks to the crew at Chris’s studio and the team at JoAnn Kane. The soundtrack is also out now so you can check out the fantastic LA orchestra and choir without the dialogue and sound effects in the way!

The Magician’s Elephant is also out on Netflix now. Thanks to Mark Mothersbaugh for trusting me again to orchestrate and conduct. Thanks to the crews at Mutato and JoAnn Kane again for making it possible to get through all the music under the crazy deadlines we have to deal with and to Ryan and my team for keeping the crotchets going while I run around the planet. Congrats to fellow Aussie Wendy Rogers on directing such a cool movie. The music is really present and sounds amazing, check it out!

Also another Mark Mothersbaugh project came out recently: Cocaine Bear! No cocaine was harmed in the making of this film.

And last but not least, another Chris Beck score hit theaters back in February, after we reunited for our third Ant-Man score. We recorded a few hours of music, with the whole orchestra at the same time. I went to Abbey Road a few times to conduct.

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