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Maya and the Three: Live in Concert!

Okay, I’m quite pleased about this one. A little while back I was contacted by Peter Morris, Assosciate Professor and Head of Ensembles at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, my old stomping grounds. Peter has put together a number of programs of live-to-picture scores, and he was wondering if we might create some kind of suite from Maya and the Three to include on the program of this year’s concert: FilmHarmonic 2022.

I was happy to go along, and so that kicked off a series of conversations about what we might include and what sort of ensemble we would be working with. Peter was great to work with; I kept waiting for him to say no, but he kept giving me everything I asked for. Full choir? Check. Solo vocalist? Sure. Mesoamerican flutes? No problem. Rock band? You got it.

Big thanks to my team (Jeremy Levy, Ryan Humphrey, Sarah Lynch, and Lorenzo Carrano) for their help in pulling the various selections together and then fleshing out the score for this ensemble. Also hats off to Peter for his suggestions about what to include, as the final suite ended up being built around the bones of his ideas. Thanks also of course to director Jorge Gutierrez and the folks at Netflix for granting us the permission to do this!

The concert will be on September 23 at the Conservatorium. I’ll be there to introduce the Maya suite. If you’re in Brisbane, check it out!

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