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The Debreved Studio Conducting Insensitive Workout

I think a lot of the workshops and courses out there are missing PART 2 where you have to do all of the things I mention in my articles.

So let’s just pretend I am going to run my own workshop. This could work standalone, or actually be really cool as an addition to one of the existing ones.

9:00 Meet and greet over oat milk lattes and vegemite on toast.
9:30 Review my blog articles about studio conducting.
12:30 Lunch (avocado toast followed by more lattes).
1:30 Review my blog articles about orchestration and notation.
4:30 Conducting patterns and baton technique, but we might finish early.
4:45 Drinks, maybe dinner, a few shrimp on the barbie. (This is the only joke in this post, we do not actually do that in Australia
12:00am Optional end time.

Day 2

8:00 Vegemite on toast, and lattes.
8:30 Travel to scoring stage.
8:55 Stand in front of the studio sign for a selfie, post it to make it look like you are working at the studio.
9:00 See the scores for the day. I will prepare them: you will not have written the music, you will not know until your turn which one is yours, and there will be too many for you to even mark them all up! There will be a few mistakes and challenges for you to navigate. Some impossible transitions you will need to work out how to record. 
10:00 Orchestra session. You will get 30 minutes to work on and polish the cue. I will play the role of the composer and give you notes. I will have instructed players to make certain mistakes that you will have to find and sort out. There will be a section to re-write on the spot. The Pro Tools operator might start in the wrong place, maybe the pre-records will have slipped a bar, who knows! It will be the recording studio version of an airplane simulator when things go bad, or competing on American Ninja Warrior. 
1:00 More selfies, this time with the players. Be sure to have your baton so Ma and Pa and Auntie Audrey know you conducted at a Hollywood studio (I am not a total killjoy).
2:00 Barbie and DeBreve at Tim’s with some prawns, beers, and players who I will bribe to tell you how you REALLY did and not just say you were amazing (like they usually would so you’ll hire them again).

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