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Jim Thatcher Part 1

Jim Thatcher is the most-recorded horn player working in Hollywood today. He has been the principal horn on virtually every session I’ve conducted in Los Angeles.

In part one of our interview, we’ll talk about how Jim first became a serious horn player and what led him to the studios of Los Angeles. We’ll also talk about some of his experiences as a session player over the years.

Check back soon, as I’ll be posting more of our conversation where we talk about how the horn actually works, demonstrate techniques, and look at the lesser-known cousin of the horn, the Wagner tuba.

Here are links to some of the people mentioned in this interview:

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  1. […] cool sounds. The texts have not done a great job of explaining it. There are links to my chat with Jim Thatcher throughout, however the whole video is posted at the bottom of the […]

  2. I look forward to part 2! The Endre Granat video was invaluable when he picked up the instrument and started discussing with you how notation techniques breathe in the real world. Great blog! This should be mandatory reading for every student of orchestration.

  3. Love these interviews. Thanks heaps.

    Rob Enns


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