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Endre Granat Part 2

In Part II of my chat with Endre Granat, we discuss some of the mechanics of playing a stringed instrument and Endre demonstrates standard bowing techniques. He breaks them down into three categories.

  • Legato
  • Staccato
  • ‘Bouncing’

Legato is the default bow stroke; no additional notation is needed apart from slurs if you want more than one note per bow. Staccato is a short, fast stroke where the bow starts and ends on the string. ‘Bouncing’ is a stroke where the bow starts and ends above, therefore ‘off’ the string. Endre demonstrates two ‘bouncing’ strokes, spiccato and sautille a la corde.

Endre also talks about what is not needed in a string part.

But sure to check out Part I and Guide to a Good Bow Job for more detail on bowing techniques and necessary indications in the score. In Part III Endre discusses and demonstrates Sul Tasto, Sul Ponticello, Con Sordino and Pizzicato.

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  1. I absolutely love your blog, thank you so much!

  2. Thank you, Endre, for sharing your time and knowledge with us. (And you, of course, Tim) 🙂

  3. Stunning, once again. You’re giving us ‘year books’ (and now videos) to all those brilliant books and DVDs/tapes, etc from decades ago that are now a little out of date – on all subjects from Instrumentation, through arranging and onto conducting. All the posts I’ve read have been eye opening and an exciting read and full of brilliant info.

    Graham Lloyd

  4. Fantastic! More please… 🙂


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