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I use Soundmagic E10’s. I have tried everything from cheap to really expensive ones. I find these hit the sweet spot between quality and price. I have to factor in that I am probably going to lose a pair or two, and maybe destroy them by standing on them, so no point spending too much money. But you want ones with decent cables and solid feel so they stay put. As I am just listing to click and some track, I don’t need audiophile quality either.

Before the session I will let the studio know I am using my own and they will put out an extension. I plug the mini jack into the extension and put than in my pocket. I can then move about and not worry about the cable.

They are around $40 on Amazon.


Recently I was packing to head away on a work trip and could not find my E10’s. As I had to go straight the the studio once I landed, I thought would hit up the airport shop and see what I could find. I found a paid of these Sony MDREX15LP ear buds. They are a bit lighter than the E10’s but worked great for the session and are very comfortable. They are also cheaper! Find them here on Amazon.

Which ever ones you go for, avoid the ones that have a microphone. Sometimes the 3 way plug can be an issue with certain adapters. Also the microphone can move about and catch on your shirt.